Day 1

It’s Sunday 15th January, around 1 am and I was struggling to sleep as I usually do around this time so I decide to find something with not much merit on YouTube, (using iPad Air, I’ll discuss more about that another time) I tap play in the hope that the commentators voice helps me to fall asleep like it usually does when I find it difficult to sleep.

Instead, I’m mesmerised by a tutorial of website building exercise and how relatively easy it was to do, to give you a quick background on my technical know-how, I’ve dabbled in HTML, CSS, PHP and I’ve done a 4 day course in C#, I’ve built small apps for work that strip out URLs and replacing data utilising JavaScript and these are all things I’ve learnt ‘on the job’, I’ve never been one for sitting and studying a topic for very long, I’d rather get stuck straight in as there is no better way to learn in my experience

I’ve never put these skills to much use but watching how easy it was to put a site together in such a short space of time had me hooked. And I knew what I wanted my site to be about and why. They say that if you do something you love that you will never have to work another day in your life, well, I love tech… all kinds, and I like talking about it and helping people get the best value for what they’re after. To give you an example of my fascination over all things shiny and techie, I only recently paid full price for a Google Pixel just to try out the pure Android experience over iOS, the quizzical looks you receive when you walk into Carphone Warehouse to take a device back for a refund is amusing when I’m asked why and I respond with “I just wanted to hold one that wasn’t screwed down to a table”, I still don’t know why they won’t let me hold a device in store? I’m not going to run off with it, promise!

So, getting back on topic I’ve spent my Sunday being productive, getting my site up and running and along with my Twitter and YouTube accounts. This is the type of thing I’ve been thinking about doing for a while now and I’m happy to have gone from just saying to doing, if you have an interest in tech and would like to read well thought through honest opinions (with pictures, don’t worry they’ll be pictures and videos) then hit bookmark, follow me on Twitter, shout me your suggestions and let’s take this journey together.