Make your voice heard

I interrupt my regularly scheduled blogcast to bring to you a tech issue that we’re all about to face in the UK surrounding our mobiles and the cost associated with using our mobiles. In fact, I stopped midway through another write-up to bring this to the masses as I believe this is so fundamentally important to us based on U.K soil that I urge you to stick with me on this.

Play the video, do it. 

Now, as a habit of mine thus far in my postings, I say something along the lines of “you can find the information in a simple Google search online” and this is true here, however, you don’t need to do that in this instance.

All you need to do is just think about the times you’ve been streaming YouTube or iPlayer, or that time you’ve had that girl/guy over, finally and you’re trying desperately to get Netflix to start playing just so you can move on to the chill?

Instead, you’re hit with buffering and we’ve all been there, tests show that you’re getting nowhere near what was advertised when you signed up to your broadband deal, you’ve checked router settings, changed WI-FI channels, turned it off and on again in the end you’ve gone from wireless to wired connections in the home just to try and claw back some speed. Or here’s the other golden example from a friend, when he is online gaming he tells me that his kill/death ratio is only really bad because of the lag and that I would have totally he would have totally made that killstreak/360 no-scope if only it wasn’t for the damn lag.


Listen, we don’t want to get to the point with our phones that EE users will probably remember when they were promised superfast speeds when they first hopped onto the network when it first rolled into town only to find out that in fact, the speed was slower than advertised yet it was and in my opinion still is a super expensive option in comparison to other networks.

And if you didn’t know this by now you should, there is only so much spectrum to go around, it’s a zero sum game. The more spectrum you own the more control over choice and the quality you provide and ultimately the price you set, I don’t wish to be the bearer of bad news but we could tie a bow around this and the incoming Brexit which could dilute European legislation on mobile tariffs, roaming charges and the like and in the not too distant future we could be paying an awful lot more for the devices we use and rely on every single day.

This is why you need to sign the consultation now and spread the word, then you need to share the message and force persuade others to sign it too.

Thank you.