Hold off on that purchase

If you’re new to my site, take a quick peek back at how my sister decided to run out and buy a replacement for her iPhone only a couple of weeks ago here and why in this public service announcement I’m telling you that you shouldn’t be like my sister.

If you’ve been following me on Twitter @gadgetandgamer, you would have seen that I posted a quick tweet to say that I wouldn’t be posting this weekend as I’m learning new skills in filming and editing with the intention of bringing you reviews, gaming videos, and opinions on the things I love in general.

This is just a quick heads up, that if you wasn’t aware, the Mobile World Congress shall be taking place in Barcelona between February 27th – March 2nd, I’ve embedded a quick video below of what it’s all about, but put it this way, get ready for the flurry of shiny new gadgets and get ready for the price of current gadgets to take a dip in value.

For this reason keep hold of the gadget you have, keep the struggle real with that poor battery life and do not fear for your cracked screens, for soon your patience will be rewarded.

Tl;dr: Hold off buying tech if you can, new tech to be announced soon means current tech will drop in price.