Improve your content creation game

There’s an awful lot happening in the tech space right now and I should be writing about that, but I’m not, instead I feel compelled to write a short piece about a YouTube channel that I’ve been a subscriber to for a while now.

If you’ve been following me on Twitter then you would have read that last weekend I was not going to be uploading any posts as I’m in the process of learning editing, filming, setting up shots and how to light them and a whole host of other things, this is to improve my skills and to bring a richer level of content to you guys in the not too distant future, what I didn’t tell you was that as part of my self-set project was to copy a YouTube video and when I say copy, I mean, clone, duplicate, replicate, 100% imitate from the intro to the sounds, the cuts, b-roll right down to the number of frames within each section of the video.

A quick note, I do not endorse copying other creators work ever, the video I made and learned loads from whilst making will never be uploaded, shared, etc. It’s a school project.

The video I chose was one of Peter McKinnon‘s because it helped ignite my desire for better results with the gadgets I already have, take a look at Peter’s video for yourself, you may just learn a trick or two.

Disclaimer: You may want snacks after viewing.

If however, Mr McKinnon were to ever read this, then I would say to him “let me take this moment to rest any fears you may have, my video is awful, I learnt an awful lot from trying to replicate yours, it’s amazing what you can achieve with a couple of iPhones, a toilet roll for a tripod (don’t ask) whilst using iPhone headphones for a lapel microphone then stitching it all together in iMovie and viewing the outcome.

Also, congratulations on the first 100k #FacePunchAt200k”

And that’s the whole point of my post, I’m telling you to go watch some of his videos and subscribe because it may just inspire you to create something, or go after something that you’ve been putting off.

He gives you that vibe that you can reach your creative goal(s) and that’s a good thing, to just go have fun with it and that it’s a lot easier than you think and that’s a good thing.