Hope you’ve got your page pre-loaded

If like me, you’ve been waiting patiently since the BeatsX was announced way back when, then you’ve been looking for every scrap of information in relation to them and most noticeably, the release date.

Well, if you have a quick look over at Apple.com, you’ll have noticed that they’re now sporadically available and showing up in stores in the NYC area! Holy shit! It’s happening people, it’s actually happening!

So I’m just here, waiting for 5 pm GMT time, hoping for the UK Apple page to refresh and hopefully show availability, in no way is this a science. This is more of a heads up and sharing in my excitement in a product that I’ve been waiting months for just like the rest of you and it’s nearly here, finally.


CMD+R and repeat

So make sure your credit/debit card is updated and it’s funded and that you’re ready to hit that little blue buy button because it’s time.