Them Counter-Strike Feels

When I was younger and still living at home, my older brother convinced me to buy a £150ish PC, with just enough power to run Counter Strike. It was a beige looking thing, with a CD drive, 3.5″ disk drive, an ethernet port and a casing that didn’t quite fit flush and it took a good while to boot up. I borrowed the mouse, keyboard and CRT monitor from where I worked at the time.

crt monitor
I had to carry this on public transport

It was brilliant! We formed a clan along with a friend and I still remember the clan name, [-=TR=-] though what the TR stood for escapes me now.

For those of you who have played Counter-Strike, you’ll know that it’s unlike most other first-person shooters, for example, you had to get into a compound and rescue a bunch of hostages who from memory would love to get lost on route to an extraction, there were no respawns until the next round, teamwork and communication was just as essential as your reflexes, map knowledge, skills and clever use of grenades. I loved that game but unfortunately upgrading a PC was too expensive a task for me back then and so I moved onto console gaming and away from the so called PC Master Race.

Fast forward to February 2017 and my current gaming diet revolves around FIFA, BF1, far too much Tom Clancy’s The Division that I’m almost embarrassed to mention my play time (over 600 hours) and a variation of PSVR games that I try to get around to as and when. Oh and there is the new For Honor Beta out now also that I’m trying to experience also.

Well, I noticed that Ubisoft was advertising a Free-to-Play weekend on Rainbow Six Siege (R6S). I was always intrigued by this game but not enough to hand over hard earned cash for, it’s always looked a little cartoony to me in gameplay videos, especially for a game about tactical gameplay and out thinking your opponent so this seemed like a perfect introduction, I’ve got a few friends who I usually squad up with in multiplayer games, so I told them about the event and they got downloading also.

Two days later, on the Sunday of the free to play event we were able to squad up and get into a session, there are two modes in R6S, Terrorist Hunt and Multiplayer so being the n00bs that we are, we decided to start off with some Terrorist Hunt, in this mode it’s you vs NPCs to carry out an objective, which could be to eliminate all hostiles, arm/disarm bombs, extract/protect the hostage etc… just like Counter-Strike mentioned earlier.

Call them, don’t call us

Terrorist Hunt

We’ve been assigned to extract the hostage so we select our operators for the mission and we’re away.

GO GO GO! And after about 30 seconds of sending a drone out to recon the mission and getting bored of this, all three of us decide it’s a great idea to run to the house and rappel up to the roof and work top-down floor by floor, because, that’s how the professionals do it, right?

And after about 30 seconds of sending a drone out to recon the mission and getting bored of this, all three of us decide it’s a great idea to run to the house and rappel up to the roof and work top-down floor by floor, because, that’s how the professionals do it, right?

So three of us promptly go to the roof and after a couple of seconds walking around two of us fall off it, in the exactly the same spot, at the same time and start to bleed out. I kid you not if you’re ever a hostage and you’re in need of an extraction you may want to call someone else!

Then, as our only standing member of the team rappels down the roof to attempt a rescue, a suicide bomber rushes him from a window and blows up his vest killing all three of us in the process, queue hysterical laughter and tears rolling down both cheeks as captain dumb, dumber and dumbest have the worst first attempt at R6S EVER.

But it’s valuable lesson, watch your step, locate the hostage pre-mission, always have an escape route.

We restart the mission and go again.

Rainbow Six Siege.jpg
Worlds Elite


A short while later we decide to give multiplayer a go and this is where R6S really shines, this is where the nostalgia comes back into play and this is where for me the selling point of the game is.

Don’t get me wrong we got annihilated in every round, three n00bs on a team of five with no map knowledge or basic weapon recoil memory means I can only publically apologise to my fellow gamers who were unlucky enough to be matched with us. However, this won’t always be the case and we’ll improve and the map knowledge will grow as it does in every FPS game the more you play.

But put simply, in my opinion, Rainbow Six Siege is as close to Counter Strike a game has got on a gaming console. And I’ve since gone on to buy R6S and the year two content.

Using your chosen players skills to your advantage, knowing single headshots with any weapon grants a kill, using drones to scout and gain vital intelligence on the enemy, listening to your surroundings to understand what is happening around you and utilising the environment to the best of your ability, that’s where this game shines so bright and where I would recommend this to any gamer out there who is looking for something different from the likes of Battlefield, COD or Titanfall and the spawn, kill, be killed, spawn rinse and repeat style of play that those titles offer.

Go check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below!