I love this game but

So it’s finally here, 1.6. It’s been a long time coming, so long in fact that this gamer with over 600 hours worth of playtime actually stopped playing and moved onto Rainbow 6.

So what does 1.6 bring to the table in Tom Clancy’s 1.6 The Division?

DZ07 – DZ09


Before we get talking about anything else 1.6 has given us, first and foremost we should talk about the extended DZ. Why? Because for a game that is about to turn 12 months old in a couple of days this is the first time since launch that for this gamer we will actually see what I would consider being an expansion to the game.

You see, the PVPvPVE play space of the Dark Zone, Massive’s beautiful yet woefully executed communal area has been extended, the developers have said that the enlarged Dark Zone is around a 50% increase on the previous play space and that players will be able to choose their play style in this area, no more circle jerking with SMGs and Assault Rifles as the maximum player count per session will remain the same at 24.

I’ve not explored this new zone yet, I like to wait for it all to quiet down a bit as no doubt the entire player base of The Division will be in DZ07-DZ09 for the first couple of weeks until the novelty wears off a little.

The developers should be applauded for this feat, it’s taken nearly a year to see truly expanded content in The Division, not just another stapled on session based side games but it’s finally here and I for one am happy about this.

With year two content rumoured, I for one hope that this trend will continue moving forward.

Last Stand


I’m yet to try Last Stand also, there was really not a lot to do in 1.5 if you had been playing regularly and had got the named exotic pieces that you were after. I’ve always liked the Dark Zone, even in times of super grouping when I was a solo Bambi just trying to go around minding my own, helping the injured and letting bygones be bygones so although I like the idea of Last Stand as an all out even playing field conquest style battle to the end, I prefer the harsh nature of the DZ and the challenges that it possesses.


Goodbye armor, hello health.

Put simply, one main stat has been replaced with another main stat that you simply must choose over all other main stats as the value of one unit of health is greater than the value of one unit of any other stat.

It’s decisions like these that have plagued this game from the start in this humble players opinion, surely it would just make more sense to keep the value of all attributes equal. e.g. 1 x  Firearms = 30 and 1 x Stamina  = 30 and 1 x  Electronics = 30

It may have changed since I last looked (around PTS 3) but to my knowledge, the above weighting of values will always place an emphasis on main stats to pick and therefore will always have a negative impact on balance and diversity.

Other Changes

There is a whole host of other changes, SEEKER thankfully isn’t one of them, the gear set that was doomed to fail as predicted by many players when it was first announced,

Resist All,  is another change to have made its way into the game along with a whole host of other tweaks here and there. The list is an extensive one, so I’ll just leave the link here for you to see them for yourself.

As a PS4 Pro player, I’m happy to see that the game has been upscaled to 4k, not natively but I’ll take it.

Final thoughts


My final thoughts on The Division which is currently running a free trial and you can grab now for next to nothing from Amazon. Is simply, if you’ve never played it, now’s the time to get onboard.

An awful lot has been fixed in eleven months, the level 1-30 gameplay and story are damn good and I’m jealous of new players that come into the world of The Division and get to play through and experience everything for the first time.

The Dark Zone has been extended and will feel absolutely vast the first time you enter through the cold steel gates, go for it.

Year two content is rumoured to be incoming and looking from some of the hints from 1.6, the map may be about to extend again.

However, as a player with over 600 hours playtime there needs to be a little bit more of a hook and at the moment there just isn’t any bait that is tempting me back to bite.

Eleven months is a long time in the gaming world and there are an awful lot of new titles that have been released in the last few weeks alone that I’m looking to get my hands on.

Maybe that’ll change. Who knows.