iPhone Product(RED)

So just a few days ago Apple suspended their on-line store and out of nowhere updated it with a few new products. Now, when I say “new” I mean reskinned and adjusted products.

The iPad, some new Apple Watch bands and the new Product(Red) iPhone all made their way to the Apple Store and were ready to be snapped up in their droves.

I decided I wanted to get hands on with the iPhone (Red), just to see it in the flesh for myself and shoot some video around it.

I’m trying out this YouTube thing as you’ve probably read previously.

It’s a beautiful looking device, but although I’m going to most probably do the standard ‘here’s an iPhone 7… in red’ video. I also wanted to highlight the meaning behind the color and to do so whilst taking a small amount of my audiences time as possible as attention spans are short on YouTube.

Lights | camera | action

I set about the challenge by doing some research at red.org and taking away some of the main points of the work being done and money being raised and thinking about how to achieve my goal.

Next, I think through how I would shoot the video and transmit the message I’d like to convey and in a really short amount of time encourage the viewer to click through to a page that contains more information about all the good that the project has done/is doing.

This is what I came up with:

This is only my third video to date, but it seems to have had an impact, caused some debate and has received approval and criticism, like most things online.

Have a look for yourselves and you be the judge, find out more about (RED) here and as usual thanks so much for reading and leave your comments below.