It’s not great

So iPhone X has been announced and I’m more conflicted than I’ve ever been with the current state of Apple’s iPhones.

The iPhone X will ship with an OLED screen at 5.8 inches, the first ever in an iPhone, dot projection facial recognition technology, updated cameras with new ISP, a 6 core CPU that pumps out 30% more performance than the iPhone 7 and of course the flagship feature in 2017, Animoji.

If this is the future, I want to go back to the past.

iPhone X is able to cram all of this tech into a device that is just slightly bigger than the current iPhone 7 but if I were to have given you my iPhone X wish list just a couple of weeks ago it would have looked very different to what Apple has presented today.

Is it me or does it look the same

For the iPhones’ tenth anniversary model I was wanting to be wowed, I wanted a device that gave me the same delight that the iPhone 4 gave me when it was first announced, or the iPhone 5 for that matter. I understand that mobile technology has reached a point where it’s getting harder to differentiate from the competition but those devices were beautiful, thin, sandwiches of pure design, instead we’ve ended up with a 3 year old iPhone 6 casing albeit made of glass with an almost bezel-less display slapped on the front and in the process removed what is one of the greatest features of the iPhone in Touch ID.


As I’m writing this and thinking more about that display, I can’t help but feel annoyed about that notch in the screen not because it’s there, but because Apple has decided to embrace and not hide it. I get it, for marketing reasons the iPhone needs to be noticed at a glance and losing the home button results in just another slab of metal and glass, so highlight the notch and people will know it’s the new iPhone.

I just can’t help but feel that Apple is losing its way and is accepting compromises, if you’re not aware, there were rumors in the lead-up to the iPhone X that there would be a fingerprint scanner under the display and that this was something that Apple was working to make happen right until decision day, this leads me to question if this tech will make its way to future iPhones?

screen fingerprint
Could this be coming next year?

Apple would lead you to believe that is not the case by stating that this is the “iPhone of the future”. Currently, I’m a non-believer but maybe this will change after hands-on time with the device.

To sum it up

As a long time iPhone user, I’m conflicted with the new design, the notch and how it blocks screen content, the lack of one-handed usability, extra costs for fast charging, that little strip replacing the home button that overlays content. I’m concerned about Face ID and the overall cost for the device. However, on the flip side, I really like the new dual camera setup, the larger screen in a smaller footprint and I’m always appreciative of extra battery life and the additional power in the new A11 bionic chip-set.