Pixel Perfect

As the days tick down to Google’s presentation on October 4th, leaks continue to spill out about the next generation of Pixel devices. I stumbled upon the image above and I have to tell you, I’m excited.

It’s the basics of what I wanted the iPhone X to be, touting a 6″ OLED display with slim bezels, a sensibly aligned fingerprint reader, water and dust resistant with an elongated earpiece that should double up as a forward firing speaker, not to mention its greatest feature. It’s notchless!

Camera Wishes

Unfortunately, there is only a single camera on the back so there could be a lack of portrait style photos that are currently being pushed hard at Apple, you know the type of photos that will highlight the subject then apply an artificial bokeh effect to the rest of the image, but I guess I won’t miss what I never had.

The key to the camera will be in the software and I’m hopeful that Google will improve upon their absolutely stunning DxOMark rating of 89 from last year, in comparison Apple’s iPhone 7 is currently rated at 85.

Hand squeezing mobile phone
Meh, it might be useful


There is also code within the latest Google App that suggest the Pixel frame will be squeezable, much like the HTC U11s that can be used to invoke functions of your choosing, for example, squeeze to take a photo or a screenshot but I find this to be a gimmick and this isn’t something that resonates with me.

Preparation for Switching

Needless to say, I’m getting my iPhone 7s Google Apps aligned and ready, transferring passwords from Safari to Chrome as I browse and research ways to get over losing iMessage, this may be a transition too far as I’m currently locked into Apple’s ecosystem with Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, AirPods and MacBook Pro, but only time and patience will tell.

How About You

Are you disappointed in iPhone X and looking for something new, perhaps you’re choosing to wait another year as new rumours suggest that Apple may include under-the-glass Touch ID in the next iPhone depending on public reaction to Face ID and overcoming technical hurdles with 3D Touch, let me know your thoughts by hitting the comments below or catching me on Twitter.