Yet Another Issue

Hey guys, so I’ve been speaking with the community about issues with iOS 11, some have said that they’ve had no issues whilst others look to downgrading to iOS 10.3.3 due to battery life concerns. 9to5Mac has today posted a poll that when I last checked shows +40% of users who have upgraded to iOS 11 are suffering from battery drain issues.

Upgrade Steps

I took the below steps to upgrade as OTA updates or updating without restoring the iPhone to ‘as new’ in previous iOS updates have rendered undesirable issues.

  1. Encrypted backup to iTunes (iOS 10.3.3).
  2. Turn off Find my iPhone on the device.
  3. Restore iPhone.
  4. As part of the restore, iPhone updates to iOS 11.
  5. Set up as new iPhone.
  6. Restore from iTunes encrypted backup.

Buggy Software

I’ve been doing the usual things with the device like checking iMessage, browsing Safari, sending emails and streaming from Apple Music all this after leaving my iPhone alone from 2am to 8am. Battery life appears to be better than I experienced the first time around, however, I have run into the touch screen locking up. I set up the camera so I could show you all and I’m curious to know if anyone else has run this issue? Video below.

Let me know in the comments below if you’re having similar issues or catch me on Twitter.