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My 2017 Mission Statment

First and foremost, Why?

Well, like you, I love tech. I talk tech all day, I just so happen to be the guy in that gets asked for recommendations from my colleagues, family and friends. I’m also the one that gets the calls asking if I can fix the soft and hardware issues with people’s devices, I just happen to be that guy who will pull the trigger and buy the latest and greatest (and sometimes not so greatest) shiny new device. So I’ve chosen to do something creative, that’s outside of my usual 9-5, and in turn, try to brush up on my writing skills and share my knowledge and experiences with the world.

Secondly, What?

Gaming, VR, Smartphone, Headphones, Laptops, Wearables, TVs, Smart-Home devices, to name just a small portion of the various interests that I’ll cover.

And lastly, How?

Today was step one.

Wake up, build a site, grab my own domain and make it mine. Next, I’m going to deliver high quality, well thought through consistent content, providing you with the details that truly matter. Given time I’d like to build up this process allowing us to gain a greater insight into products as they’re released through affiliating my site with respectful partners.



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